Talk To Life

Stories have an element of fun that can bring dreams and joy to people's lives. They also have the creative power to solve actual problems that people encounter in their work and daily lives.Here at Talk to Life, we believe that every story deserves to be heard, and everyone deserves to be celebrated whatsoever.

About Talk To Life

Talk To Life have the following categories.


AMEN is the visual part of TTL. What it does is it produces it original programs, like Min Documentary, Music Clips of our own TTL members and audience. AMEN is a community of independent filmmakers and independent production companies, sharing a passion for film-making, storytelling and bringing new original ideas to life.

The Five Elements​

The Five Elements is where all the TTL families gather in one room to share, showcase, network and ultimately grow. The fifth element is YOU. YOU are the main point of the event. Without YOU there would be no us. It is a monthly event that includes interviews, open mics and showcasing of different art forms.


Eteal Publication is committed to developing an articulate and effective system of production, distribution, promotion and fundraising for our TTL family. We seek to showcase the power and diversity of voices in our community. By encouraging and broadcasting talent of today's generation.

TTL Academy

TTL Academy is a society or institution of distinguished scholars, intellectuals and artists that aims to promote and maintain standards in its particular field. We have: Science, Art, Cultures, Researches & Searches.


Akasha is the sound part of TTL. Where we produce original contents like podcast, poetry, music and broadcast the different voices of our talented and upcoming generation of our community.

What We Have Here for You

Talk To Life has many programs to keep you engaged. These are some of the programs.

Emerging Artists

Up and coming musicians, poets, problem solvers and individuals with different talents alike test their new material, inspire discussions and spark new ideas.


Our quotes come from different sources and interesting things our families shared with us during interviews. They are never more than a few lines but will be printed in your mind for a long time.


A person or team will showcase their work of art at the event.


Our immensely talented poets and artists share their soul grabbing words using our platform. Their words may cause emotions or you to stop whatever you're doing, hold your breath and think.


Interesting, thought provoking, Intriguing writings are shared in this section to make our readers consider and reconsider life and everything it holds.

Recognizing a Star

Underground artists and influencers whose talents are usually underestimated. TTL tries to bring these to light in this section by interviewing them and letting them showcase their craft.

Recent Collections.

 by Barsenet Wondowossen

ሎዛ አድማሱ

💫Our Vision:

By preserving our heritage, discovering new knowledge, and sharing our resources with each other, every person has the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential and contribute to all aspects of life.

🌟Our Mission:

To inspire lifelong learning, sharing, celebrating people, and strengthening our communities.

“Inspiring lifelong learning, sharing, celebrating people, and strengthening our communities.”