The Five Elements

The Five Elements contain five things and they are: You, Showcase, Sharing, Connection & Growth. You: your values, your hobbies and your talents; the cross section of the three things is You. “Follow your bliss. Find where it is, and don’t be afraid to follow it.” Showcase: present your work, your creation and/or your products. Your work needs to be shared. People deserve to be inspired by you and what you do. Sharing: People need to be able to connect with your work; read your poetry, touch your sculptures, see your paintings, feel your art. Everything we create is art and art is always best displayed so it may inspire the world. Connection: For a piece of work to be showcased the creator must have connections. You need to have contacts, people in different places in life, different professional realms, gender, age groups and experiences. At the end of the day what matters in life is who you know and not what you own! Growth: You need to grow in different aspects of life. In your profession, creative spirit, things you share, how you showcase your work, your valuable contact list and in your financial freedom.

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